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ERP for Mining/Stone Crushers industry

Our ERP solution is the best seller in the sector. Top most Mining companies in India are using this solution. It has all modules incorporated to give a smooth run to the business. Many features of this software are found by clients even better than world famous ERP softwares.

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ERP for Garments/Textiles/Lingerie Industry

ERP by Positron is a complete solution for any garment/textile/lingerie Manufacturers/Exporters to boost their business. It covers Production, Sales and Accounting processes. To provide easy access on laptop/mobile, few modules are web based. To give super fast entry speed without session breakout, accounting module is developed as a window application. It also includes a mobile app to be used by salesmen and distributors. High end reports are specially designed for top Management to take right decisions.

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ERP for lite industry

Our ERP solution for lite industries (eg. Label makers) is one of our oldest solutions running by leading names in the industry successfully. It has made their work hassle free and our clients admit that this solftware helped them to expand their business. Its neat and accurate reports are their helping tools to make right decision.

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