Our Accounting Solution - Finbook

We have developed an accounting solution much advanced than today's popular accounting softwares
We cover all the common accounting features:

  • Journal Vouchers
  • Cash Bank Payments and Receipts
  • Contra Entry
  • Sale Module
  • Purchase Entry (Po Module)
  • Inventory Module
  • Creditors Report
  • Debtors Report and their Ageing
  • Bill By Bill Payment and Rceipt
  • Stock Ageing
  • Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Ledger Statement
  • Day Book
  • Cash Book Profit & Loss Statement

This is what all we offer in addition to Common Accounting features-

  • For Multi location – Ledgers and Raw Material Masters can be created from a single Master Entry page
  • There is Option to add Payment / Receipt entry for Multi Branch with Auto Vouchers created in respective branches. Thus saving time on Reconciliation in those branches.
  • Approval System at stages as per business rules.
  • No option to Delete or Modify Vouchers once created.
  • Vouchers can be disapproved or approved or cancelled.
  • Reports available at click of Mouse and Comprehensive reporting consolidated for all branches.
  • Any changes customization as per client’s business requirements.
  • Option to save Images of Challans, Bilti, Form 38, E-Rawanna etc. (as per Invoice/Purchase Orders).
  • Upload Add Bulk Orders from Excel, Export Data to Excel.
  • Auto deduction whether CGST-SGST or IGST Applicable on invoices ( wrong entries avoided) software does it automatically based on Location, GAT No of Client and its state code w.r.t. to our state code.
  • Checks at each stage for minimizing wrong entries.
  • Auto SMS features and Email from software.
  • GST Reports.
  • We can integrate the software with other legacy solutions such as Savior or other attendance system or SAP etc.
  • Option to run on LAN / Static IP or Cloud as per clients requirements.
  • Relevant reports can be given as Mobile App providing updated reports about sales/ purchase /sundry debtors /sundry creditors / Cash in Hand, etc.
  • Best in Industry Purchase module for Purchase Orders, Quality Checking, Bill Approval, Issue from Stocks addition to stocks, Stock Returns, Consumption Booking. etc.
We deliver solution which you can fully Trust.