ERP For Textile/Garment Sector

Why need it

Garment sector management team has to keep an eye on Production to sales to accounting procedures, which is quite a tedious job. Here a multi module interconnected ERP software comes to rescue that help a manufacturer or other business manage the all the parts of its business. Positron Softwares has designed and developed ERP specially tailored for Textile/ Garment sector.

Case Studies:

One of our clients, a leading name in the Garment/lingeries Industry, changed their working schedule and business approach and saved revenue only because of this software. They closed unnecessary branches as the software was handling all the work. Due to production and packing module, now their stock is well handled. accurate planning and scheduling of orders, better data predictions, quick response to query and on-line detailed information of orders made the work easily manageble. Now their sales team is prompt by taking orders on mobile app and distributors approve orders quickly on their mobile. All this brought company good profit alongwith time savings. The Management team can easily check sales, order and account status on their dashboard.

Key features:

  • It handles all the departments workflow like Production, Accounting, Purchase, Inventory, Sales and so on.
  • It is accompnied by a mobile App useful for the sales team to coordinate with order management process.
  • It is quite easy to use. There is no need to hire highly trained staff to manage this ERP. Even a less educated staff can easily handle it.
  • Incorporates window based full accounting module
  • It generates fully informatative and accurate reports.
  • It can be used on multiple locations and units.
  • Easy to manage on tablets and mobiles.
  • Sends important messages on email and SMS to managment.