Papers are Source for Virus Spread. Go Paperless Prevent Virus Use ERP Solutions By Positron

ERP Solution are Information Disseminator. ERP helps in Reducing Costs of running Business by Removing Compolexities of Inter Linked Processes.
We have Immense Experience and have Helped Customers achieve Unparallel Growth using our Culture Specific, Cost effective, Best in Class Features ERP Solutions. We have Helped Clients reach to Leaderboard Position in their sectors using our Client Specific Business Solutions. Our Solutions helps Clients Innovate Faster they can focus on Increasing business without having to focusnon daily business processes.

  • Stone Crushers
  • Our Client Chose us to build their ERP. Within few years of using our ERP Solution, the client is now among the Largest name in India in Crushing and Mining Industry. The Importance of Our ERP and its Contribution in same is well acknowledged by Client. Now our Solutions are used by most of the Big Names in this Sector.
  • Label Makers
  • One of Our Initial Client He explained to us the KPA's in running Business. eg. Manual preparation of Job Cards; No Tracks of WIP No Track of FG Stock in Hand - Result End of Year Stocks worth Lacs was Wasted. No Track of Live Inventory - Result Repeat Order of Expensive Raw Material even though in Stock. Waste of Raw Material as they had expiry. Poor Quality Control Machines Under Utilised as no Planning for Machines. Ater ERP By Positron Softwares: Job card Process Automated now Job Card ready by Clieck of Mouse. Inventory of FG and RM Live and updated upto Last Transactions. Machines process timeline standards in ERP. Variations Monitored Jobs Planned and assigned, with weekly Planning for Production. QC Control better as rejections can be monitored; identification of Source of Rejections led to better Control. Result- Within 3 years Client Reported 3 times Turnover. Reason: Big Names in industry from Automobile sector like Eicher, International Tractors Ltd. ITL, Maruti etc. placed Order with them based on Controls exercised by Management using Our ERP.
  • Kitchen Appliances Manufacturer
  • Before ERP their wrer issues in Billing, STocks for Critical Part were not maintained led to delay in Dispatch becuase of absence of small Parts like Labels, Screws etc. No tracking of Despatches, Most of time wasted in RECO of accounts of stocks. After using Our ERP all these processes were streamlined. Result Reduction in number of employees, Better Production, Timely Despatch,etc.
  • Light and Heavy Industries
  • Streamlined Production as per Orders, Controlled Dispatches, Quality in Production. Order Management, etc.
  • Garment Manufacturer & Exporters
  • Automated the entire Process of Bidding of Orders. Pre Production Processes were well managed and controlled using our ERP. Clients and Jobs assigned to Merchandisers were all tracked with delays in response if any, All the Orders were monitored during production for rejections,etc. Better Inventory Management, led to less Rejections and wastage, etc.
  • Lingerie Manufacturers
  • For One of our client (Belle Lingeries ) with Pan India Branches we developed Unique Solution wherein there was no Need for Stockists, Orders were taken by Mobile Application, ALl the Salesman Time in market is monitored by this App. Orders placed through App are approved by Distributors which goes automatically to Head Office. Where from Stocks they are dispatched same day. Entire Production, Online and Offline Sales, Inventory of FG and RM, All Production, etc are managed thorugh our Custom ERP Solution.