Our All Inclusive Comprehensive ERP Solutions Help Business Achieve Benefits of IT at Affordable Price

ERP is basically Information Disseminator which Helps business achieve Increased efficiency and Proficiency with Limited Resources.
Our Solution Helps you Grow Big rather than other Big Brand Solutions which you can have only if you are Big.
We Customise even Standard Modules like Inventory, HR,Material Management, Workshop Management etc. as per Clients Requirement which otherwise are considered standard. We have Provided Solutions for various Sectors like:

  • Stone Crushers
  • Quarrying Industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Label Makers
  • Kitchen Appliances Manufacturer
  • Light Industries
  • Heavy Industries
  • Garment Manufacturer & Exporters
  • Lingerie Manufacturers

We have more then 10 years of experience in providing Custom Business Solutions-

  • We study Key Pain AReas of client based on Interaction with client and his various Departments
  • Based on these meetings and our observation of existing business processes, we Identify and prepare details.
  • As per our expertise in BPR and our Long and successful experience in various Industries we
  • prepare a standard and Best-Fit System and standards to run Business.
  • Which is then discussed with client and his teams.
  • Changes are then done to these standard Processes.
  • Based on final standards we design and develop a ERP Solution for Client which
  • incorporates all the business processes with Inbuilt Checks and Balances.
  • These inbuilt Checks and Balances ensures that the Organisation runs as per the Pre Defined System.
  • The Solution thus developed is implemented Module Wise and Department Wise, Thus ensuring Error free Installation.
  • This Solution helps Business achieve Maximal Growth and Increases Efficiency.
  • Any Abberation during runnimng of Organization from standards are brought to Notice of Top Management
  • or concerned Department Heads by way of Raised Flags, Notifications and Daily MIS which are acted upon.
  • Thus The solution makes the Business Proactive rather than Reactive. Since Built In Artificial Intelligence Features
  • helps in better decision making.
  • MIS, Approvals, Reports can be accessed via Mobile Phone Browser or you may have Mobile App for same.
  • Thus we ensure that our clients have Best in Industry ERP with Best Practises 'From Industry' Incorporated into the Sytem followed by Your Organization controlled and Implemented through our ERP Soution.
We deliver solution which you can fully Trust.