Our Products

  • Entire Process from Pre Order;
  • Bidding;
  • Sampling;
  • Order Confirmation;
  • Job Card for Manufacturing;
  • Step Wise Job Completion;
  • Despatch;
  • Shipping/Billing/Payments;
  • handled by Our ERP Solution.

Our Solution ensured Accountability on part of Merchandisers. Enabled Top Management to manage projects handled by each Merchandiser and its timely execution. Ensuring No Orders are Missed enabling Timely Shipments.

We provided smart easy to Use ERP to handle all the Functionalities of Machine Tools Manufacturers and Exporters. This Industry has its unique set of KPA. Multiple Clients have multiple Part Id for a particular Part for which they have Unique part code of theirs. Mapping Orders received from Clients to Clients Part Code, Managing Process BoM and Product BoM and ensuring Timely execution of Order alongwith Managing Despatches against specific Orders Negating Wrong Desptach of Items or Quantity, etc. Our Unique Solution resolved all of their Key Pain Areas.

Our ERP Solutions are Complemented with our Mobile Apps enabling single ERP SOlution working to its Full Potential using all the Features and Technologies available to use. Be it Mobile Phone / IPad or Tab or Browsers or Desktop Applications.

Clinic in My Pocket.

  • Patient Informaion record
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Patient appointment notification via email and sms
  • Compact and flexible appointment calendar
  • Doctor's own event calendar
  • Holiday calendar
  • Prescription print
  • Immunizations module
  • Pre-stored medicines
  • Pre-stored Investigation
  • Pre-stored Disease names based on ICD-10
  • Patient vitals measurements
  • Patient allergies record
  • Billing module

Our Journey developing Unique Problem Solving out of Box ERP Solutions started with Craftsmen Label Makers. We started with Resolving the problems faced by them in Managing Production. Job Card Making for specialized Jobs was a major issue , our soluion automated this Process resulting in N No of Job Card prepared @Click of Mouse even by a Receptonist taking Orders on Phone. Later we Developed solution for Production Planning and management, than for HR and Material Management. Our Experience with Craftsmen laid a solid Foundation to our Continuing Journey.

We have developed various sort of interactive web applications be it e-commerce portals, CMS or websites. We have developed Android mobile apps as business helpers. In our endeavour to reach all we have recently ventured into Providing subscription based ERP Solutions for small and Medium Sized Industries. These solutions have most of Checks and Balances needed for such Organizations, automating routine tasks, minimising errors. Later on as organization grows they can easily scale using integrating scalable modules of our Fully Featured ERP Solutions.