About Us

About the Company

Positron Software Technologies is a decade old company with dozens of satisfied customers. We deliver world-class Automated tailored solutions cost-effectively, Predictably & in the shortest possible time utilizing outstanding talent backed by global capability in-depth industry knowledge and technical excellence. We provide high quality of softwares & automated systems with all technical support. Many of the Small Scale Industries have benefitted from our Culture Specific Solutions: We know from our experience the Resistance to change in any organisation despite the top management willing ness to go for better systems so the Software effecting those changes should also be designed keeping in mind the Change Management which is too typical for any solution to succeed.

Our Team

We are a Group of dedicated expert techies with a common goal in mind - to give our 100% in our work. Many of us have been MVPs in Microsoft and Nevron and Have Domain Experts with InDepth Experience of respective Sectors. Click Here to Know More About Our Experts.

Why Us

  • We know your need

    From our experience serving SMB's we have seen over the years that business houses are not clear about what all areas they need ERP Solution. Our Team can study your processes and suggest you the areas you need solution for. We are an Indian Company with our Primary Target as Small and Medium Businesses.Our Company Positron Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd is Registered Microsoft Partner.Our expertise lies in providing low Cost Customised ERP and MIS packages develped as per the client needs at a cost which is even lesser then the maintenance cost for the available standard ERP Solutions.Our strength lies in our guarantee in implementing the solution we commit to provide that best gels with your organisation culture. We are Targetting SSI`s and SME`s who have benifitted a lot from our efforts to provide quality solutions tailored to their needs at cost much lesser then available generalised solutions. we are proud to say we have clients from varied sectors who have been benifitted using our Solutions.

  • Cost effective Solution

    We provide the best solution to your business at reasonable price.

  • We are experienced

    Our Clients are from Service Sector to Manufacturing Industries, Retailers, Distributors Even in Manufacturing we have clients from various segments. We can arrange site visit at clients using our software or you may contact us for complimentary due diliigence study. Our Expertise is in developing MIS / ERP Package suiting exactly the needs of our Clients. Even we have gained lots of experience after the opportunity to serve people from various industries. We also help clients entire web related solutions like Domain Name,Web Space, Personalised email,website devlopment,SSL Certificates, etc in our effort to help you find all IT related solutions at one place.