ERP/EMR For Hospital/Clinic Managment

Why need it

Every clinic/Hospital needs to handle a lot of jobs, be it patient record handling to administrative work to accounts related functionalities. Here comes the need of clinic/ Hospital managment software. Positron Softwares has designed and developed this software specially tailored to ease the jobs of clinics/hospitals. A software already running in prestigious institutions.

Key features:

  • Patient records handling - It keeps record of patients basic information as well as his medical history and treatment.
  • BMI and Calorie calculators
  • Patient-doctor Appointment schedular
  • It consists a module for wellness managment with screening and HRA questionnaire and output printable report with graphs.
  • User has his personal food diary, Exercise Diary and Stress Diary where he can keep a track on calorie consumption, exercise needs and stress managment.
  • HR module to handle clinic/hospital staff functionalities.
  • Accounts and Billing module.
  • It is a web base solution which is quite easy to use
  • It generates fully informatative and accurate reports.
  • It can be used on multiple locations and units.
  • Easy to manage on tablets and mobiles.
  • Sends important messages on email and SMS to managment and Patients.