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Positron Softwares represented India at 8th European Congress of Small & Medium Sizwed Enterprises.
The Indian delegation was chosen from several Indian SME companies after a rigorous qualifying process. More..
Why Positron ERP?


Some of the key barriers to achieving the operational excellence are lack of metrics or visibility to measurable metrics, inaccessible data, and organizational silos/structure working model. Technology can enable mobility and drive the digital transformation. There is no guarantee that digital transformation can remove these barriers, but it can definitely be leveraged to overcome some of these.

Intelligence from all sources of data, digital applications, and analytics are fuelling business growth worldwide. Developing the most appropriate solution and building a solid data foundation architecture in a timely manner are the keys to success whether enterprises are looking to improve operational excellence, or doing competitive analysis or merging with or acquiring another firm.

Each operational excellence initiative requires the optimization of an organization's key resources - people, processes, and technology - working in harmony to achieve your business objectives. With the proper technology in place, the processes can be redesigned, and the people can be empowered with the help of management. Our solution can help in gaining meaningful insight about what is actually occurring is an important step in pursuing operational excellence.

There are a number of business stories about how a company was able to leverage the pursuit of operational excellence.

We can help you to incorporate the digital business solution and transform in a phased manner in getting you the maximum Return On Investment.


Some companies don't think they need any type of integrated system in place. That decision can lead to many problems down the line. One of the biggest issues they face is siloed data. Siloed business models force companies to constantly draw off information from different sources and departments to derive true value. This can cause some major performance issues for the company as a whole and how it delivers its services or goods to their customers.

Traditional software packages function in siloes. That means business applications store their information in separate databases that require their own toolsets and interfaces to capture, store and interpret information.

As a result, data repositories often store duplicate, redundant information. There is an overall lack of data convergence that gives organizations an accurate view of business operations. When companies don't have the accurate and up-to-date data and tools they need to run their company, it can slow down key decision-making processes. Management is struggling to find the correct data. No one knows what data is correct, what's duplicated, and what's outdated. Not the way to run a company efficiently when results are expected.

There are numerous advantages to using integrated business software applications like

  • Improved employee productivity, if your employees are bogged down by inefficient and disjointed systems, they cannot perform at an optimal level. Tasks like manually transferring customer data from one system to another can increase errors, take away from the employee's core duties, and reduce the overall agility of your company. Adopting Positron solution will help your company to improvement do for your company's task efficiently and profitably
  • Real-time visibility, when companies have to deal with multiple siloed systems and overlapping databases, they can never see a complete view of their business in real-time. This prevents them from making the kind of quick, accurate business decisions required to stay agile in a competitive market place. Integrated software applications like ours can help you save countless hours of trying to tie error-prone, out-of-date information together. It gives you real-time visibility into your business.
  • Lower IT costs, IT departments waste a lot of time, energy, and money, maintaining and updating siloed business systems and applications. Integrated software applications can help by letting IT professionals focus on strategic initiatives that add to the company's bottom line.
  • Lower customer churn, providing an exceptional customer experience is essential for retaining your customer base. It is also one of the most powerful advantages of integrated software applications. An integrated software system ensures that customers are able to access their data anywhere, get their issues resolved quickly, and avoid inventory sync issues. This makes your customers more satisfied - and more likely to buy from you again.
  • User-driven innovation, When using integrated software applications, changes and improvements can be implemented very quickly. Everyday users can utilize their functional expertise to spot and address performance issues, and your company can create tailor-made workflows that support optimal performance.
  • Eliminating Multiple Dependencies, Companies who rely on multiple business-critical platforms are also looking at some potentially serious problems. The implementation of integrated software helps to prevent that. Integrated software solutions not only give you end-to-end views of your business and its workflows, but also stabilize the backend environment by bringing your software dependencies together. This eliminates data synchronization problems, compatibility issues, data duplication and dependence on multiple hardware and software solutions. By streamlining your software investments, you are streamlining your business performance.