ERP integrated with GoI E-Invoicing Portal and Complaince Ready GST Solutions

  • Electronic invoicing or simply known as e-invoicing may be defined in simple terms as an electronic billing system that contains the various indigenous methods which are used by different trading partners to develop and showcase documents consisting of transaction history between each other such as the suppliers with their customers.
  • This in return helps in ensuring the legal agreements and trading terms being met with complete transparency. These invoices include purchase documents, different order and debit documentations, terms of payment and instructions related to the payment.
  • Positron has developed an ERPs that are specifically to meet the end user requirements. These are necessary when the supplier has a specific requisition regarding the invoice and bill generation of their commodities.
  • E-invoicing has a major future and this change in the processes related to any business and will demand a drastic review of the current tax payment ecosystem with these kinds of changes.
  • After implementing these easy-to-use services, there will be better transparency in the tax paying system and will bring new technological advancement in the environment of bill generation and usage under the umbrella of GST.
  • In fact our Clients have got their business Up and Running without any Glitches with our GST Ready, E-Invoicing Solutions from day 1 of Complaince Deadline. We incorporates all Government related Regulations as and when announced into our solutions.