We Bring to you the best in Sector ERP Solution for Mining/Quarrying/Crushing Industry.

ERP For Mining / Quarrying / Stone Crusher Managment

Positron Softwares has designed and developed ERP specially tailored for Stone Crusher Industry. Since Stone crushers/Mining industry has challanging work environment, it becomes tedious to manage all the tasks manually.

Here comes the need for a well tailored ERP system. We understood the needs of the industry and developed a system keeping in view of all the major and minor specifications of the industry.

Key features of Crusher/Mining ERP:

1. It handles all the departments workflow like HR, Accounting, Purchase, Inventory, Sales and so on.
2. It is quite easy to use. There is no need to hire highly trained staff to manage this ERP. Even a less educated staff can easily handle it.
3.We develop culture specific modules.On demand of some of our clients, we gave them the software in hindi also.
4.It generates fully informatative and accurate reports.
5.It can be used on multiple locations and units.
6.Easy to manage on tablets and mobiles.
7.Sends important messages on email and SMS to managment.

Case Studies:

  • We know your need

    One of our clients, Now among Top Names in India in the Stone Crusher Industry, stated how they managed to detect the frauds in his company by use of this software. Before implementation of the ERP, it was almost impossible for them to keep eye on his employees activities. Now with help of this system reports they can easily manage Pan India Operations sitting at Head Office or while Moving via I-Pad or Tab. Now every morning they can check the current account and other balances of each unit on his dashboard and recieves SMS alert of every important activity of the business.

  • HR Module:

    Our ERP Integrates Salary/ Attendance/Leave Management/Increments/ Items Issued to Them. All integrated with BioMetric Machines.

  • Workshop Management

    Just imagine getting report of all Equipments monthly running and consumption of Diesel, Lubricants, Spares and Tyres @Click of Mouse for Selected Date Range..
    With Per hour running avaerage w.r.t above parameters.
    You can get all breakdowns history for any equipment, Spares Consumed, Nature of Breakdowns (Preventive / Accidental / etc.)
    Yes its all made possible by ERP by Positron Softwares.
    We also have exclusive Mobile App to manage all equipments / Vehicles live using our Android App for same.

  • Accounts:

    At Plants its normal to see Data Entry Operators working Over Time to complete Voucher Posting for Sale / Purchase / Salaries / Material Management.
    Such Scenario are things of Past after you Implement Positron Softwares ERP SOlution. Which incorporates Automatic Voucher Posting for Routine Tasks. Ensuiring error free accurate and upto date accounting.

  • Sale/Purchase/Other Modules:

    We Integrate Weighbridge with our solution. This ensures no manual interference. This is just the start of benefit of using our ERP.
    As our solution has in built checks and Balances to ensure pilferage or Manipulation at Weighbridge.
    Or even wrong entries or Miscalculations as all these are handled by Software itself.
    Software ensures business logics implemented as defined by Management.