Positron solutions can help lower your organization's operating, procurement, production and asset maintenance costs. In case of any process or discreet manufacturing industry, a key component for controlling costs in production is evaluating costs parameters before even reaching the production or Installation stage. We can help you build actionable cost Insight, a business intelligence capability that makes actionable product cost and profitability data available to manufacturing, sourcing managers and executives in real-time so that they can make better cost-based decisions early and throughout product development. Cost efficiency, cost reduction, and spend analytics continue to be among the top business priorities in different industries. For example, Supply chain visibility is a prerequisite for successful cost reduction and increased Return-On-Investment (ROI). Clean, consistent and connected data is required to enhance supply chain, procurement & operation and to achieve an overall view of the products, raw materials, services and suppliers. Depending on the Industry Positron Solution analysis the data and help its customers lower their costs in multiple ways including but not limited to:

Reducing business process costs associated with production and procurement by

  • Providing single view of truth about suppliers and products and hence empowering your negotiation capabilities
  • Reducing costs by eliminating the business overhead required to manage your supplier's life cycle, analyse and assess their information and performance

Reducing production costs by automating and providing real-time insight to manufacturing divisions. For example, manufacturing section is supposed to provide input for those materials that are critical to procure and maintain its inventory and so on.

Reducing high asset maintenance costs by using preventive and predictive analytics
Speed-up and simplify processes by automating your supplier relationship management and workflows

Saving costs often means saving time! Time that you can be saved in order to strengthen your employee's efforts to make huge number of entries and create different reports including top management dashboard.