Compliance Ready ERP Solution

Fast Changing Regulations needs ERP Soluion which are Upto Mark. Recent Norms by GoI mandates Companies to use Such Accounting Software for Maintaining Its Books of Accounts, which has feature of recording Audit Trail of each and every Transaction. Creating Edit Log of each change made in Books of Account with a date when such changes were made and ensuring that audit trail cannot be Disabled. We at Positron Softwares have been ensuring such Business Checks in Our SOlutions. Our Clients have experienced Reliability in the way business is Run and have Experienced Unparallel Growth.

With the expansion of an enterprise or organization, in terms of geographies and functions, has made it difficult to track and monitor compliances.
Non- compliances come along with huge issues to business. Hence, it is a necessity to have a tool to help you track and monitor your compliances.
Every organization is adhered by law and have to comply with statutory and regulatory requirements.
Software which gives you an overall view of your compliances and acts as a risk mirror for your organization.
There are effective, real time dashboards showing compliance health of your organization at one glance, helps you generate reports and graphs for MIS to seniors and Management.

Compliance Ready ERP by Positron Softwares is Neccessary

Our Clients from day 1 of Complaince deadline were using updated solution for E-Invoicing or TCS Incorporation or GST. We make sure our clients business does not suffer because of Non Cpliance.

  • Do you have a framework to monitor Compliances across all entities, locations and departments?
  • Do you have a centralised repository of your key documents like Contracts, Registrations, Assessments, IPR, etc.?
  • Are you able to track expiry dates of all your contracts?
  • Are you able to easily manage Litigation dates, documents and orders?
  • Are you confident of compliance with documented Policies and Processes?
  • Are you managing your Enterprise Risks efficiently?
  • Are your Internal Controls operating effectively as per defined Risk and Control Matrices?
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