ERP for lite industry

Our ERP solution for lite industries (eg. Label makers) is one of our oldest solutions running by leading names in the industry successfully. It has made their work hassle free and our clients admit that this solftware helped them to expand their business. Its neat and accurate reports are their helping tools to make right decision:

  • Centralized Server with all Data at one place
  • LAN Based Network
  • Secured Access
  • Limited Accessibility / Department wise Access
  • Automatically generates Order No., Order time, etc.
  • Automatically on Click of a Mouse Generates Job Card, as per Item with all Process Details, and detailed instructions, to be followed, as per order
  • Inventory / Stock Status of Finished Goods at time of order taking only
  • Keep track of all orders till completion as per department, process, etc.
  • Quality Report, as per period specified, of Rejections, so that Remedial Actions can be taken
  • Invoice / Dispatch Entry
  • Reports as per Order No., Company, Committed Date, Order Date, etc.
  • Reports as per Item, as per company , as per Period of Time, with Quantity Produced and Dispatched
  • Facility of deleting Stock entries or production records or Rejection Records any time, by Authorized user, whenever he/she wants, on just a click of Button.
  • Automatically updates Stock entries, with minimum inputs by client since, most of the work done by Package itself courtesy- Coding. All this made possible because of our highly skilled team with expertise in understanding business processes
  • You will feel for yourself how easy it is to use, since package has in depth coding, minimizing errors at each and every stage like wrong dates, wrong values, wrong order, wrong quantity etc.
  • No need for having trained staff to work on this package it’s as easy as Browsing Internet, Checking Mails, in fact you can have this package installed on net so that you can access all these features even if you are in USA or Australia or Canada or Kenya or Europe or in your Bedroom and can take orders, view status etc., even your clients can have access to their order status on net if you want it to be like that (additional feature as per demand).
  • Developed using latest and most Recent Technology in the market i.e., Dot Net with SQL Server as Back End.
  • Once installed you can relax for years and free your energy and resources to expand your business further .........that’s our Promise and Guarantee.